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Bianca Hendicott is a multidisciplinary artist whose recent work centres on the ephemeral nature of light on the botanical, creating both abstracted and detailed works of flowers and plants.


Using flowers as symbols for femininity, reproduction, and menopause she explores the spiritual aura around and within these objects, mapping them in line and colour. There is a sense of the flesh of the flower as a symbol of fertility and mortality. She is also interested in autobiographical work that explores her own identity and culture through symbolism, beadwork, textiles, and mixed media. Within this theme she investigates the idea of womanhood along with the dynamics that make up her own culture and heritage having grown up in South Africa on the Durban Coast.


Memories of the sea, land and people are very important to her evolving ideas. In her paintings and drawings, the primary mediums are: acrylic, watercolour and ink. Overall, there is a sense of movement, line, colour and layering to the work which can be both fun and captivating.

Botanical Mapping 2[14018].JPG
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