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Experimental by nature, Lea has developed a technique which creates atmospheric works of art which reflect her own way of  seeing and responding to either free flowing organic simplicity or highly complex patterns.


Harnessing her spontaneous side and the power of motion, Lea has developed ‘Chromokinetic’ style of painting that embraces the kinetic energy and dramatic impact of throwing acrylic paint and choreographing a dynamic symphony of hues and colours, while the paint does all the hard work.


Lea has also picked up the palette knife and oils and is once again experimenting to abstract the world she sees.


In the past, Lea has had two exhibitions to fundraise for Disability Challenge, and has had work accepted by The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, as well as exhibiting at The Mall Gallery. More recently, Lea has started ‘Painting4Purpose’ to raise awareness and funds by and donating paintings to support worthy causes.


For Lea, painting has not only been a passion, but has also been a way for neurodiverse children and adults to express themselves to be seen and heard through the medium of art.


Lea Pateman black and white[14044].jpg
Lea Painting  Example[14045].jpg
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