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Debbie has always had a passion for creativity and expression. During her career as a primary school teacher she fostered

creativity in the children and staff she worked with. Debbie is a self taught artist and has developed her skills  through exploration and workshops. She joined Wildwood Artists in 2020 and is enjoying developing abstract painting under Liz Hauck's mentoring.

Debbie's work explores moments in time and universal emotions - love, joy, wonder, loss. She invites the viewer to be immersed and in touch with their own feelings. She believes we all bring our own experiences and memories when responding to art and in this way we can all be connected.

​Debbie loves experimenting with different media to express the subject matter she's working on. Colours, textures and patterns found in nature inspire choices of palette and substrate. Expressive marks are made using standard and found tools to create dynamic paintings.

Debbie says...through the process of creating both my art work and I go on a journey of discovery and awareness.

Her artistic advice .... develop your inner child, be curious and cherish your uniqueness.



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