Gill came to art relatively late, immediately relishing both the glorious possibilities of paint, colour, and texture and the freedom and joy that comes from skilled teaching and supportive fellow artists.

Her professional life has and still does revolve around words, so initially she deliberately avoided the verbal, playing instead with pure abstraction - a new and strange kind of language.  More recently though, encouraged by Liz, she has returned to words - or almost-words - experimenting with letter-like and word-like forms.  Her aim is to play with the viewer: Is this text or not?  Can you read it or not? Does it make sense – or not? 


Laying these questions over and into paint and texture allows her to explore things that are hard to speak - or even think.


She is currently trying to work out how to spend more time on art and less on her laptop. 


Gill replacement.jpg
Gills painting.jpg