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Jessica's formal artistic background was based in a Fine Art degree from Aberystwyth University.  Following a degree in Art Psychotherapy she then spent time in living in Livingstone, Zambia in Southern Africa working at Tutajatane School developing an 'Arts Centre' alongside Wilwood Artist Liz Hauck. 

Jessica has now relocated to Surrey providing Art Psychotherapy sessions to  young people in a clinical setting. She recently joined Wildwood Artists to be able to make time for reflection and introspection as well as enjoying being part of a creative and supportive community.  Art making within the group has enabled her to develop a free and intuitive approach to painting and much needed decompression time. She is driven to make art work by the benefits of creativity and emotional wellbeing. All her art making takes place within an interior setting which allows for the exploration of shape and reimagining natural formations. Art making helps her to bring the outside in and get the inside processes out. She draws motivation from the shapes and composition of flower arrangements and imbues them with personal meaning.


Art making is a reflective and mindful process and through the imaginative qualities of the art work enables her to switch off from the outside world. I have an interest in physical and mental health and emotional wellbeing and my advice would be to keep a reflective journal.

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