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Julia has always loved drawing and painting but never believed that she was good enough to become an artist. At school, she was very good at illustrating and drawing accurately from life according to her teachers at the time.

Instead of progressing with her art, Julia studied Physiology and Biochemistry at university and started work as a Market Researcher. She worked in the Marketing and Innovation commercial world for many years, which she found both challenging and exciting. She then moved to be a consultant in Well-being, Yoga, Mindfulness and Ayurveda.

Julia bumped into Liz Hauck at her exhibition at the Lightbox in Woking. Liz was by then a recognised artist whom she had known previously in Market Research.

After enjoying art expressionism workshops run by Liz, Julia has now revived her ambitions to express her emotions through art, particularly now that she misses travel to the farmhouse in France, which she owns with her husband. Julia joined Wildwood Artists in 2020.

Julia’s artistic advice is to go with the flow, let go and just play; you never know what might happen!


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