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Kellie Smitheman
I enjoy working expressively with colour, intuitively creating abstract and expressive artworks, that have a sense of ‘place’ and explore ‘being’.


My process is to work organically, going with a natural flow and to see what emerges. I weave threads of memories and visual elements together, rendering them layer upon layer, to form a rich tapestry of colour and texture.


I can see that I am influenced by my experience of living in South Africa and my travels in Europe and Asia. I have a Visual Arts degree and a career in Illustration and Design for Publishing, later training as a Garden Designer. I enjoy the calming nature of gardens, horizons and sunshine.


I work from my garden studio in Surrey, to produce a range of paintings and drawings, that I hope will evoke interest, intrigue and connection.



Kellie black and white E2F4B644-658C-467C-9462-91B300C9B749_1_201_a[6995].jpeg
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