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Robin’s inspiration is the natural world around her, at home and abroad, in particular lines, shapes, shadows and spaces in the landscape. She is fascinated by the sweeping lines of sky and distant hills on the horizon, the swell of the sea and the movement of wind through trees, aa well as by the minuscule fine lines and shadows in shells, bark, pebbles, plants and lichen. 

Lines are also expressive of journeys in time and space and of relationships between things and between people. Robin seeks to capture the essence and meaning of lines through texture and colour in her art. 


After a career as a University Professor, Robin came to art late in life. She chose to focus on painting, specifically painting in an abstract expressive way, which allows her creative freedom to explore new directions. She enjoys experimenting with different media - collage, painting in acrylics, oils and gouache, fusing glass - expressing her ideas and feelings through different styles of art. 


As part of Wildwood Artists, Robin has been practising since 2015 under the guidance of Liz Hauck. Liz encouraged her to believe that art is for everyone, it's all about being prepared to play. 


Robin says ...If in doubt, try adding new lines! 


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