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Sylvia’s early career in advertising led her to really appreciate creative thinking, art and design especially while working for blue chip accounts such as Kodak and Coca Cola. While raising her 3 sons and working part time as marketing consultant, in the late 90s she retrained as an Interior Designer. At the same time a love affair with ceramics began. Her home is littered with various pots, lamps and dishes, all abstract, showing her desire to break the mould! 


It was only as an empty nester that she picked up a paintbrush again and began a passion for expressive abstract painting. Spurred on by her art loving sister in law Jane, who was sadly diagnosed with Alzheimers in her late 50s, she now works tirelessly to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society through the sale of her art.


Her inspiration comes from nature, a love of the outdoors (a keen sportswoman) and the bold shapes and colours in interior design.


A real eco warrior Sylvia likes to repurpose old artworks and charity shop finds. Her love of bright colour and mixed media is inspired by her favourite artists Barbara Rae and Gerhard Richter.


Her serendipity. And…be a magpie, collect treasures!


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